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We want to bring unique party and event rentals to every major city in the US! Every day there are thousands of weddings, birthdays, baby showers, events and celebrations from coast to coast. We want to be your mutual friend who connects you to jus the right vendors, client or rental item that you’ve been looking for! Whether you’re looking for chairs, plates, backdrops or decor we know there is always somebody nearby that has what you’re looking for! Let us help you create awesome events and fun memories!

Most Popular Rental Items

  • Sale!

    White Folding Chairs

    $2.00 $1.65 / 3 days
    Sold By: Sacdecor N RentalsSelect date(s)
  • Mismatched China Dinner Plates

    $0.50 / 4 days
    Sold By: Anna Vera EventsSelect date(s)
  • Sale!

    White Wood Folding Chairs

    $1.75 $1.55 / 4 days
    Sold By: Lily IvakhovSelect date(s)
  • Mismatched China Dessert Plates

    $0.30 / 4 days
    Sold By: Anna Vera EventsSelect date(s)
  • Mismatched China Tea Cups

    $0.50 / 4 days
    Sold By: Anna Vera EventsSelect date(s)
  • Gold Candle Holders

    $0.75 / 3 days
    Sold By: Anna Vera EventsSelect date(s)

Newest Rental Items

  • Antique Natural Wood Console Table

    $45.00 / 3 days
    Sold By: L&A EventsSelect date(s)
  • Cream 120″ Round Tablecloths

    $10.00 / 3 days
    Sold By: The Great DehnsSelect date(s)
  • Dark Gray 8ft Drape Tablecloth

    $10.00 / 3 days
    Sold By: The Great DehnsSelect date(s)
  • Light Gray 8ft Drape Tablecloth

    $10.00 / 3 days
    Sold By: The Great DehnsSelect date(s)
  • Wooden Table Numbers

    $2.00 / 3 days
    Sold By: The Great DehnsSelect date(s)
  • Gold Hoops

    $0.50 / 3 days
    Sold By: Events To Remember Party RentalsSelect date(s)
  1. Saves You Money. The vendors that share their items on this site don’t have to pay accountants, storage fees, and advertising.  You get their best rate every single time.  It’s like getting your party rentals on sale every single time!
  2. More Options To Pick From. There are several dozen vendors that share their items here which means the inventory contains hundreds of different kinds of items totaling thousands of total inventory.
  3. Available Dates Displayed Online.  Every other place, big or small, will ask you to call your order in or submit an online form.  Not here!  Each item has their availability marked on their calendar so you know if it’s available for your dates.  Find and rent immediately online with no hassle!

Wedding rentals and Reception or Banquet supplies:  Weddings usually require larger equipment and furniture rentals including tents, tables, chairs, linens, mobile bars, flatware and glassw, re. You should be able to find most of what you need right here!

Bridal Shower and Baby Shower rentals: These are smaller more intimate parties where you may go with themed decor, backdrops, mood lighting and special glassware to make it perfect.

Birthdays, anniversaries and special events: Depending on how big the event may be you may still need backdrops, decor, tables and chairs.  Usually, kids are involved so make sure you grab something special to keep them entertained!

Corporate and business events: You may want to consider looking at the black tablecloths, a mobile bar and appropriate accessories in your planning.

Photoshoots: Looking for something fun? We’ve got tons of props and decor to complement your design and location!  You’ll find everything from vintage, floral, modern, shabby chic, rustic and many other styles.

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