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Tuscan Inspired Anniversary

When planning an event of any kind, the main thing you want to focus on is reflecting the person or people being celebrated! That is exactly what I did with my parents 25th wedding anniversary! My mom and dad both love the tuscan style so without hesitation I designed the party accordingly. Since the 25th wedding anniversary is considered to be the silver wedding I opted for using silver accents here and there. And of course one the most important aspects of the decor was the grape vine table runners to make it feel like the guests are having dinner in tuscany!

Did I mention this was a surprise? And boy were they surprised! They were suspecting something, but not a big tuscan inspired party surrounded by all their friends and family.

Afterward the initial surprise they proceeded down the aisle filled with flower petals. And yes that is me, a 22 year old at the time in a flower girl dress that I found in good will. My shy bother was nice enough to be the ring (pop) bearer and that handsome officiant is my husband. As a family, we witnessed our parents renew their vows to each other and it was beautiful!

It’s not a wedding with out rings! Doesn’t matter if they’re edible right?


It was such a beautiful evening celebrating 25 years of my parents commitment to one another. It was warm with a slight breeze, it truly felt like a night in Tuscany.


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