Woodford Barrels

Product Location: Kansas City, MO

$28.00 / 3 days

  • Dimensions: 23″, 35.5″
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Color: Dark Wood Finish

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3 in stock

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The Woodford barrels are authentic and truly rustic whiskey barrels with a dark finish that is full of character – rent two together with a wood tabletop to make a table, or place one on either side of your ceremony aisle for your entryway or at the altar of your ceremony. They also make beautiful round cake displays. See also our similar Wine barrels (which are just an inch larger and have a lighter oak finish) if you need more than two.

**Barrels are heavy, use a dolly or have someone help carry to their destination. Do NOT roll the barrels on their sides–this will loosen bands and cause them to fall apart. 

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