Posted on February 13, 2017

Vendor Guide – Posting Your Rental Inventory

You’ve registered as a vendor, prepared all your pictures and pricing and now you’re ready to launch your online rental shop.  Congrats!  Here are the step by step instructions. (Updated 10/27/18)


NOTE: If you haven’t yet registered, you must complete your vendor profile application first.  Once your profile has been reviewed you will receive an email with your password and login info (usually within 1-3 days).

  1. Log into your account (click here for vendor login page)

  2. On your “Vendor Dashboards” page

    – Select “Products” (located on the black side bar)
    – Select “Add Products”

  3. Complete General Product Info (* designates required items. The rest are optional.)

    • *Product Name: Appears at the top of the product page and on inventory page.
    • *Product Short Description: This is important as it displays right next to your item picture.  For the sake of customer experience, this must be in a bulleted list format.  Include the following as applicable: key attributes (color, size, brand, etc), location (city/region), colors, handling, pickup/dropoff requirements, cleaning requirements, etc… Example of a good description
      • Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant Wide Photo Camera
      • Available only in greater Sacramento, CA area
      • Film sold separately (link below)
      • Rental price is for 3 days
      • Can pick up and drop off anytime during that time (delivery is extra)
    • Product Long Description: Optional.  Complete in paragraph form.  The more keywords you use (ex. Rental, wedding, party, your city, etc..) the more likely you are to receive traffic from search engines.  This is the “cheese”. Make it sound awesome!
  4. Complete Product Data (* designates required items. The rest are optional.)

    • *General Tab:  Simple Product, Virtual and Bookable must all be selected.  Regular price is the price for your rental for the whole rental period.
      Sale price is optional but it will display a *sale* alert when clients view your item.  You can also schedule your sale for certain dates.
    • Inventory Tab (optional): Stock quantity must be entered (amount of items available).
      SKU is optional if you have product numbers.  Manage Stock must be selected.    You can choose whether to allow backorders and stock status but we recommend the defaults as shown below.
    • Linked Products (optional):You can complete if you want to have certain other items be shown at the bottom of your page as “Recommended” items for them to view.
    • Attributes Tab: This is to set the item location.  Select “Product Location” from the dropdown and click “Add”.  Start typing in the name of the city into the Value field and select from the options that come up.  Finally, click “Saved Attributes”.  If you don’t see your location available please reach out to and we’ll get the system updated for you!
    • Bookings Tab (optional): This is where you change the length of the rental period.  The default “Global Settings” rental period is for 3 days.
      You can set a rental for 1 day (Number of dates to select = 1) or multiple days (Number of dates to select = 2).   Under booking duration select “Custom”. Enter the number of days the rental period will be for (ex. 4).
  5. Select Product Category

  6. Upload Product Image and Product Gallery

    • The Product Image is what appears on the main inventory page (mandatory)
    • Product Gallery will show clients additional pictures when they view the product page (optional)
  7. Publish Your Product!

    • You can preview or save as well if you’re not ready to post it.  You can always change the product description and data any time after publishing.

Stuck?  Reach out to us directly at!

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